Famous are loving Furless

“We’ve found the next best thing to real-hair makeup brushes. The animal friendly Furless brushes are easy to use and blend products seamlessly. Celeb makeup artist and hair stylist Alex PF Jackson says: “Having never before worked…
YuStyle Alex PF Jackson

YuStyle ~ Hair and makeup guru, Alex PF Jackson talks style

  Date:  31st  March 2014, Media:  yustyle Link: yustyle.com.au                
Furless Makeup Brushes

Furless Makeup brushes

Date: 26th March 2014, Media: Famous Magazine My comment on the new animal-friendly makeup brushes by Furless which appeared in Famous magazine!              
alexpfjackson-hairandmakeup.com-alexpfjackson.com.Lifestyle You.Celeb Haircuts.Getting it right

Celeb Haircuts: How to Get it Right

Date: 7th March 2014, Media: Lifestyle YOU Link: http://www.lifestyle.com.au Celeb Haircuts: How to get it right When it comes to choosing a new hairstyle, many of us follow trends set by recognised celebs rather than choosing a…
alexpfjackson-hairandmakeup.com-alexpfjackson.com.Three Easy Steps to Achieve Holiday Beach Hair

Three Easy Steps to Achieve Holiday Beach Hair.

Date: 31  October 2013, Media:Fashion Weekly. Link: Three Easy Steps to Achieve Holiday Beach Hair.                  
alexpfjackson-hairandmakeup.com-alexpfjackson.com. Beehive hairstyle

Beehive Hairstyle

How to create the basic beehive hairstyle After removing hot rollers or curling with hot tongs (this will help with the all over shape) take a large section of hair from the crown and tease Smooth over top area of the section and pin…