How to create beachy waves.

Three Easy Steps to Achieve Holiday Beach Hair

How to create beachy waves

Products to use: La Biosthetique Volume mousse &  Moulding spray. Towel dry hair. Divide hair into four quarters and apply LA Biosthetique Volume mousse into each section as desired. Blow-dry hair to create a smoother surface to work with before applying your large hot tong or comb tong. After tonging is complete, lightly spray your hair with LA BIOSTHETIQUE Formule Laque which is a strong workable finishing product that is also easy to brush out without leaving in any residue. Gently separate tonged hair for more of a wind-swept beachy look. The volume mousse is a great foundation for extra lift, hold and elasticity. It will keep you style in shape for up to 48 hours. Ideal for fine hair. Holds curls and waves and leaves hair smooth and protects again damaging effects of sun. Biosthetiuqe. Biosthetiuqe Products Biosthetiuqe Products



















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