Ceramic ION Hair Brushes

Available in 4 different sizes these stylish Ceramic hair brushes are ideal for clients to use at home as well as for professional use in the salon.

Retails for : 25mm ($24.00), 35mm ($25.00), 45mm ($26.00), 55mm ($29.50)

  • Ceramic coated barrel – evenly and quickly distributes the heat of the hair dryer over the whole brush.
  • Large holes provide a better air flow.
  • The result: faster and more effective hair styling.
  • Ionic technology – ion charged nylon bristles reduce the static charge of the hair and close the cuticle layer, thus adding lustre and sheen as well as better styling ability.
  • Soft grip handle – the comfortable handle made out of anti-slip, soft material gives a perfect grip.
  • Stylish – an aesthetical design and a noble colouring underline the value of the brushes.