Action Two Phase from La Biosthetique



This innovative formula blends natural premium active ingredients with essential minerals and reconstruction formulas in two unified care phases:

  • Phase 1. Spray Regenerant: Repairs and strengthens the hair’s inner structure and keratin fibers. The hair’s resistance to damage and elasticity are dramatically improved.
  • Phase 2. Masque Intense: This luxury cream restores the external protective layer of the hair, reducing moisture loss and combability. The hair in strong, shiny and protected from environmental damages.
  • After shampoo, dry hair well with a towel or briefly blowdry, then spray SPRAY REGENERANT 18 –20 times into sections of damp hair and lightly comb through. Do not rinse.
  • After SPRAY REGENERANT, distribute 8-10 ml MASQUE INTENSE evenly into hair. Divide the hair into large sections and apply with the hands. Comb hair through. Allow 15 minutes to take effect, then rinse.
  • Panthenol deposits itself in the hair shaft and binds in moisture.
  • Combination of magnesium sulphate and caprylyl glycol result in a sealed and healthy cuticle.
  • Ceramide II deposits itself between the scales, recreating the protective layer from the inside out, reducing internal moisture loss and restoring elasticity.
  • Silk peptides are larger than wheat peptides and migrate to the cuticle forming hydrogen bridges ‘repairing’ structural damage.