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The perfect blow dry

The Perfect Blow Dry When it comes to blow-drying our hair in the morning, let’s not kid ourselves – we all end up doing the same thing! We turn our head upside down, blast the hair dryer through our wet hair then flick it back and finish with a brush. Did you know that this […]

Three Easy Steps to Achieve Holiday Beach Hair

Products to use: La Biosthetique Volume mousse &  Moulding spray. Towel dry hair. Divide hair into four quarters and apply LA Biosthetique Volume mousse into each section as desired. Blow-dry hair to create a smoother surface to work with before applying your large hot Divide hair into four quarters and apply LA Biosthetique Volume mousse into each section as […]

Humans of Lismore

Alex – “My fathers family were from here so I’m a 4th generation North Coaster. I moved to Sydney, stayed for 32 years and that’s where I started my Hairdressing career. My last job was working for myself in Darlinghurst. I had my own business there for 6 years. Prior to that I was a […]

Boot Camp with Sharon Blain 2016

  Boot Camp 2016. In early July I attended Sharon Blains 4 day hair Boot Camp. This event is designed to up your skills in hair styling and finishing. We created some amazing hair styles from start to finish and loved every minute. It’s so exciting to be creating beautiful hairstyles for weddings and events. […]

Hair Styling Boot Camp with Sharon Blain 2016

Styling Boot Camp with Sharon Blain Inspiring 4 days Boot Camp with Sharon Blain. Investing in my skills is so rewarding. “Sharon has spent over four decades toiling her craft and perfecting her skills, Sharon Blain is one of the most lauded hairdressers and educators in the world today. Her outstanding talents have been rewarded […]

Famous are loving Furless

“We’ve found the next best thing to real-hair makeup brushes. The animal friendly Furless brushes are easy to use and blend products seamlessly. Celeb makeup artist and hair stylist Alex PF Jackson says: “Having never before worked with synthetic brushes, I found these bristles so soft.” FAMOUS ARE LOVING FURLESS… Link: furlesscosmetics.com.au           […]

Furless Makeup brushes

Date: 26th March 2014, Media: Famous Magazine My comment on the new animal-friendly makeup brushes by Furless which appeared in Famous magazine!              

Celeb Haircuts: How to Get it Right

Date: 7th March 2014, Media: Lifestyle YOU Link: http://www.lifestyle.com.au Celeb Haircuts: How to get it right When it comes to choosing a new hairstyle, many of us follow trends set by recognised celebs rather than choosing a style that really suits us! According to Sydney-based celebrity hair stylist Alex PF Jackson, we need to understand the […]